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Real Food to Cure Migraine?

The spectrum of ways of eating

Starting at this end I give you the false food diets

Very bad- just living on biscuits, sweets, alcohol- it happens and people do admit it sometimes. I once saw a girl with terrible migraines who admitted she only ate American sweets and nothing else. There was little point giving her migraine tablets- that girl needed real food and nutritious food full stop.

Still bad- no breakfast, pie or sandwich as first meal of the day, snacks through the day like biscuits, or sweets/chocolate, fast tea like pizza or chips, or maybe a ready meal.

Standard British diet of cereal and toast, orange juice, sandwiches for lunch, crisps and biscuits for snacks, pasta for tea, or meat and 2 veg, potatoes and pudding. These people feel good about their way of eating because it does contains fresh fruit and vegetables and whole meal bread.This is how I used to eat- for 50 years!


I Quit sugar-

Wheat Belly –

Grain brain-


Paleo- Paleo is like Dietdoctor minus the dairy foods. Lots of people do it, but on the Internet it is as if Paleo has been sabotaged by people inventing sweet Paleo dishes. Paleo is a world apart from that. Of the Paleo websites I like Nom Nom Paleo best.

Interesting fact-Michelle from Nom Nom Paleo first started off on a course about inventing false food and saw the light PDQ.

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