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Fat is My Friend.

I feel great! I no longer have to watch my weight. It has been nearly 2 years now. If I am hungry I eat full fat cheese, I eat chicken- even with the skin on, and crispy bacon. I eat slow cooked pork - delicious!! I eat full fat yoghurt and berries. I adore my food, and yet 2 years ago I was eating the standard British fare of cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta and meat for dinner, and I was getting fatter, and more bored. Now I want to run and laugh and shout it from the mountaintops. I feel 10 years younger. Fat made me slim, and in addition, my joints no longer ache, my allergies are gone, IBS resolved.

If I were to tell you that Eating Fat was the key to becoming a healthy weight, and becoming fit and healthy you might think I was mad, but that is just what happened to me and countless other people. Two years ago I gave up sugar in a drive to become healthier. I needed to get my energy from somewhere else and so I turned to protein and fat. The more I ate, the thinner I got until I got thin and bony even though I was eating tons of food every day! I had to start eating carbs to get fatter again-and I have never seen that happen in 30 years of being a family doctor. If you go online now and Google ”Fat makes you thin” you will see countless references from newspapers and websites. If you Google Eat Fat, Get thin you will see books by Mark Hyman, Barry Groves, Trudi Deakin, Zana Morris and others. So why have these articles and books had so little impact on us?

Is it about fear of fat? Am I afraid of fat? No. Are you afraid of fat?

When you eat a lot of fat, as long as you are eating very little starches and sugars, your body will start and continue to use its’ own fat stores.

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