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The new thinking on eating

The idea which is gaining hold, is to eat food that keeps your blood sugar as low as possible. That means you eat mainly fat and protein foods, like chicken, meat or fish , cheese, and low carbohydrate foods such as plenty of green vegetables, and avoid sweet and starchy foods as far as possible. The main principle is to eat real food, that has not been processed. So meat and fish are real as long as they have not been turned into a ready meal! Bread is not real because it is processed wheat. Fruit is a sweet treat to be eaten after a meal and not as a snack, or as a juice as it raises the blood sugar too much. Why would you want to do that? People report they feel so much better and that many health problems go away, and medication can be stopped. Look at @WilliamDavisMD on Twitter for many examples of people who have improved their health with a way of eating like this.

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