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Gluten free, celiac and non-celiac gluten intolerance

If I ask, something like a third of people tell me they have some sort of problem with bread, and some avoid gluten completely even if they do not have celiac disease. There is nothing wrong with that- listen to your body and avoid something that upsets you.

However, please, please do not buy gluten free processed foods. They are not necessary for health and may even make you unwell. They could cause you to become progressively more overweight and even ultimately diabetic.

If you are lucky enough to recognize that you are intolerant of gluten, do avoid it completely, and consider whether you want to be tested for celiac disease before you go off it, and move on to just eating real food (JERF).

Just eating real food is a great way to avoid gluten. Look at my food list and stick to real food.

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