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Solutions are Simple

Problems are complicated Solutions are simple

The problems

How do we know what to believe about healthy eating?

Low fat, low carb, calories in, calories out, exercise, 5 a day, eat badly plate, eat well plate, wholegrain, fruit and vegetables, healthy or not, dairy intolerant or not, gluten laden, gluten free, high or low fat, high cholesterol, low cholesterol, clean eating, veganism, vegetarianism, Atkins, Ornish? Do we need carbs or not? Moderation vs. extremes

The questions

Look at your body, how is it? How are your skin, your mouth, your eyes and ears and teeth, your breathing, your digestion, your head, your muscles and joints, your hormones, your periods, are you happy with your weight? How is your mood? Your sleeping?Allergies? Are you able to exercise?

What are you doing in terms of your eating and drinking?

What are you aiming for health wise?

Does your current eating plan work for you in terms of you becoming as healthy as you would like?

Would you like to keep your eating the same or change it?

The decision

You are happy the way you are and do not want to change OR

You want to change

The solution

Just Eat Real food -try or and see what you can achieve

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