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An osteopath that I went to see suggested that I stopped eating major carbs in order to bring my levels of inflammation down. I did this and
within 3 days I felt great again. However, this only lasted for a couple of weeks and then I was in a lot of pain again. I had a consultation
with yourself at about that time and you suggested that I should get tested for A.S., as one brother had been diagnosed with it. Being very interested in diet and health myself, I  Googled A.S. diet and came up with the London A.S. diet, which was devised by Dr Ebringer from

Middlesex Hospital. This involved avoiding starchy foods, (anything which failed the iodine test), including minor starches, such as spices,
nuts and beans. The minor starches only needed to be avoided for a period of about 3 months and then they could be reintroduced. Myself and the brother with bad A.S. decided to try it. We both got weighed before we started out of interest. Alarmingly we both weighed 8 stone 2, (I'm 5ft 3 and he's 5 ft 10!), which showed just how ill he was at the time.
We both felt much improved after 3 days. My brother had been so ill that I could only ever take him out for a few hours at a time, as he was so fatigued. On starting the diet we could take him out for much longer periods and even took him on holiday. Within a few months he had also gained 1 and half stone. Within a year he was back up to 10 stone.Eventually he gave up on the diet, because of the logistics and also
because he still got pain from his spine being fused. Even though he gave up on it, he has remained at the 10 stone mark and doesn't feel
anywhere near as ill as he had done. (He had tried Humira a few years before starting the diet and that had no effect on him. He has since
 tried another anti TNF drug, but it gave him drug induced Lupus so he gave up with that.) I've continued with the diet for 7 years now.



Warrington Resident WA5


Dear Dr McCormack,

I would like to say a great big thank you for your work bringing trusted information to readers of your website.

I am a 58 years old male who was overweight and ate whatever was convenient at the time.  I came across your website when I was asked by a friend to take a look at the information contained on it.

I was interested in the information you have regarding weight loss, and discovered several books Harcombe diet for men, and a recipe book by the same author.

Both books are really easy to read and the diet book for men, was refreshing to read.  Clearly the author understands the average man’s thinking when it comes to food and drink.

Personally I like the structure of the book, and as it said it would, weight loss began.  I was 130kg at the start of the diet – though I say diet it isn’t in the sense ordinarily thought of when the word diet is used.   Diet to me at least is synonymous with denial, something the book does not do aggressively. It encourage common sense. If I wanted a blow out, do it all at once is the message, and then get back to the structure.   Since starting, in just a few months I have lost 16kg. 

People notice the difference, I notice the difference.  I have to say once or twice I needed some encouragement to stick with it, so I went back to your trusted site, and found a hypnotherapist you recommend, fortunately he knew of the weight plan I was following and was able to help me remain focussed.

I have lost inches around my waist, neck, thighs and generally feel wonderful.  I remain committed to sticking to the plan, and healthy eating has a new fan!

Now I am looking forward to losing another few Kilos before Christmas.  I remain focussed and somewhat excited and the prospect of becoming a healthy weight again, no longer obese, no longer massively over weight, just a few more Kilos to nudge into the healthy weight range.

Many thanks indeed for the work you do, bringing such valuable information to the public,

I wish you well in all you do, and thank you sincerely. 


Kind regards

Mr. M

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