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The Truth about Food

Explaining to my nieces and nephews about food

Dear Shona, Evie, Charlotte, Matthew, Patrick, Nuala, Sam and Daniel, Finbar and Sophie,

I’m sorry to say that you have been given a lot of incorrect information about food. It is simply wrong. I have been researching for 2 years now and this is what I have found:

· 5 a day was made up by a group of companies wanting to sell more fruit and vegetables and there is no evidence it is necessary. Eat as many or as little as you like of them, and remember that vegetables have all the vitamins and less of the sugar.

· Fruit will not make you slim- in fact because it is full of sugar it could make you overweight – moderation with fruit is key.

· You have been told to eat a lot of carbohydrates to be healthy. That is totally wrong and is the reason why lots of people become fat as children or adults. If in later life you become overweight just cut out the carbohydrates completely and live on real unprocessed food.

· Carbohydrate foods include bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta, rice, and anything with flour or sugar in it.

· There is a myth going round saying you have to balance calories in and calories out- that is a lot of rubbish.

· There is another myth called “eat less, move more”- that is also a lot of rubbish and just makes you hungry and eat more. Do exercise for fun, and to have a laugh with your friends but never do it to get thin- that is the pointless bit.

Hardly any adults know this, and I want you to be ahead of the game. You may have a bit of trouble with your teachers if you challenge them so if they are not convinced please direct them to my website or

You may ask why you have been given such a lot of bad information and why so many people believe it.

The reasons are all to do with money and ego. It’s complicated and when I see you we can have a chat about it.

Advice you can trust:

· Eat real food like meat, chicken, eggs, fish, veggies etc. Cook from scratch and learn to cook as soon as you can. Forget cakes and learn to cook casseroles.

· Don’t eat processed CRAP (Caffeine, Refined foods, Additives and artificial colours, Processed and packaged foods.)

· Fruit is not a health food- have it as a treat

· No sugar and no sugar substitutes

· Absolutely no diet foods (they are processed CRAP too)

Lots of love and please go out there and challenge the rubbish ideas.

Joanne X X X

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