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Real food to help treat Eczema?

Another girl who stopped eating Fast Food

3 weeks ago I saw a girl with terrible eczema- it is not often I see it so severe. She was 18 years old, a student at college with a part- time job in a Fast Food restaurant. The eczema covered her face, neck, arms, and legs, and was particularly severe on her face. She told me that she took advantage of the free food on offer at her restaurant, and indeed some days it was all she ate. I was shocked to see that the eczema was of such a severe nature and I thought that medication alone would not be enough to cure her.

Luckily, I saw her with her mum who did all the cooking and I was able to talk to both of them of the value of a real food way of life.

I gave her some written information to go away with- and and other real food sites, and a prescription for some cream. 3 weeks later she looked so well, her skin was bright, she looked energetic, the eczema had completely cleared from her face, and her skin had calmed down a lot in the other areas. I cannot say it was the real food diet that cured her, but I will say that the fast food diet did not have the necessary nutrients to keep her healthy.

She told me that she was eating much better and took a packed lunch to work- now that’s what I call the way forward.

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