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The Girl who Stopped Eating McDonald's

Yesterday I saw an obese Mum with her slim daughter.

  • She was worried about her daughter because her daughter had stopped eating McDonalds food, and no longer liked their milkshakes and fizzy drinks. She seemed to think this indicated there was something wrong with her child.

  • She was still eating bread, and drinking milk, and told me that she really loved eating her mum’s home cooked stew.

  • I put it to them both that this was a good thing, but the Mum did not seem to take it in. The Mum clearly could not imagine the situation where a person did not love McDonalds fare.

  • I think it is also reflected in people's attitudes to people who have more or less given up junk food. They think we are "good" and must have great will power, whereas in reality we love what we eat and do not need any will power to avoid junk.

  • Sometimes they even think we are mad or must have something wrong with us, or we are obsessed, but we just want to eat real food and enjoy it without criticism.

  • Most kids are born healthy- don't ruin their health with junk food.

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