10 best foods for LCHF IMO

Off the top of my head these are the foods I think of as being very handy for low carb high fat ways of eating..

Eggs- great hard boiled as snacks when you are out and about. Quick and easy for breakfast as omelette, boiled, scrambled, poached. Crustless quiche makes my husband laugh- he says it is just an omelette, but I say it is quite different. Another gorgeous snack is the egg muffin wrapped in bacon with peas and broccoli..from www.iquitsugar.com

Coconut oil- good for getting your fat intake up if you want to go ketogenic. Tasty and filling as a snack in between meals.

Bacon- especially the streaky sort. Great for adding to casseroles and to make salads more substatial. lchf should NOT feel like a diet.

Chicken legs- satisfying snack for lunch on the hop instead of a sandwich.

Olives- great to eat while you are waiting for the tea to be ready, and spice up a salad or casserole, and to make salads more filling.

Cheese- so good on its own or with celery or nuts, who needs crackers? You could make a paleo cracker or bread if you want to go with it.

Cream- in coffee or in a bowl with berries

Avocados- lovely in salads- remember you need a hearty salad, not a skimpy one.

Ghee- great for curries, and much less inflammatory than sunflower oil.

Lard- I love what Butter Bob Briggs says about lard. Very cheap too.


I am told that the people who need to go very high fat do not eat lower fats meats such as chicken, and fish, but go for the higher fat meats instead. I love the slow cooking of meats eg slow cooked pork shoulder or lamb and all the fat melts away into the sauce. So scrumptious!

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