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How people put weight on and get fatty liver

If you have a reason to put weight on, the following will generally work:

Eat lots of grain based foods e.g. bread, cereals, pasta, and rice and avoid protein. Alternatively lots of sugar based foods plus or minus normal meals. The sugars and starches get converted to fat in your liver. Even if your weight gain is slow, 2lbs a year equates to 3 and a 1/2 stone over 25 years, but in the situations below it occurred fast over the space of a few months.

This is deliberately practised by

1.French farmers who want to give their geese fatty liver which is then sold as foie gras.

2.Robert de Niro before taking part in Raging Bull.

3.Sumo wrestlers.

4.Farmers who want to rapidly fatten their cattle for market. It is often then advertised in restaurants as "Grain fed beef with marbling of extra fat".

and accidentally by Overweight people who think that grain based foods are healthy.

To avoid becoming overweight and fatty liver follow one of the plans on this website or google #LCHF

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