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Are you thinking about giving up Carbing?

As a GP I often ask people if they are giving up smoking, and most of them say yes, a few say no, or many say that they have tried it before and will give up eventually.

Imagine if we thought of carbing in the same way as smoking?

Some people can keep carbing for years and nothing happens to them, others get fat and sick and develop diabetes early on, others get fatty liver. Most get dental decay, some are more resistant to it. A lot of people get highs and lows of blood sugar through the day, getting sleepy in the afternoons after a heavy lunch. Others are ravenous 2 hours after a meal and have to go and eat a chocolate bar.

Recently, I was at a medical meeting, many of the delegates were overweight, and there in the centre of each of the tables, was a bowl of chocolates. I imagined how we would all feel if it was a box of cigarettes and a lighter instead.

Carbs are non essential, as we can make glucose in our bodies in a process called gluconeogenesis. Processed Carbs are harmful if taken in excess. So why not cut Carbs down, and cut out processed carbs altogether.

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