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These YouTube clips, books and websites for a better body and sense of well-being are intriguing and surprisingly powerful in that the same themes emerge.


Even though they are all written by different medical and nutritional specialists from very many countries of the world, the principles of these life plans are the same: Eat REAL FOOD with low carbohydrate, medium protein and high “good” fat.


The first book- Dr Lustig’s book- came to my attention on the news in November 2013.


The writers all say that if you follow their plan, that you will feel healthier and that you can follow their plan long-term. Several of our GPs, and our nurses are following the principles successfully as well as some of our staff. They report that numerous health problems improve.





Why We Get Fat and The Diet Delusion.  Both by Gary Taubes, a scientist from the USA. Ex Harvard



Pure White and Deadly by a physiologist John Yudkin.


Grain Brain Dr David Perlmutter. Dr Perlmutter is a neurologist in the USA. See the free website for further details. It is part of a general plan for better brain and body health. There is also a Grain Brain Cookbook. I like his food list because it is simple.


Harcombe Diet Zoe Harcombe has been writing books about nutrition for over 15 years and her books (Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight; Why do you overeat? When all you want is to be slim) and websites ( and were very popular with our patients in Padgate. The book aimed at men is particularly concise (


Fat Chance by Dr Robert Lustig.  Dr Lustig is a Paediatric neuro-endocrinologist and children’s obesity expert in the USA. Scary but fascinating - what will happen to our country’s children if we do not do something. They have a much bigger problem than here, but we are heading that way and I have seen the worrying changes in my time as a GP.


Wheat Belly by Dr William Davies who is a Cardiologist in the USA. Useful for IBS patients, all those with central obesity, and PCOS patients. Dr Davies has had his diabetic patients following this plan with impressive results. There is also a Wheat belly cookbook.  IBS patients seem to love it, and do really well. Average weight loss in USA said to be 28lbs. His website is free.


Escape the diet Trap and Waist Disposal by Dr John Briffa  



The Decarb diet by  Dr Howard Rybko. This book contains a plan to be followed, if someone wants a plan. One of our receptionists is a fan. Dr Rybko is an associate of Tim Noakes (see above)


The 5-2 Diet by Dr Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell. These doctors work at the Genesis breast cancer prevention centre in Manchester, UK. Their plan involves following a very low carbohydrate diet for 2 days a week and a Mediterranean diet for 5 days. Very prescriptive, and their trials say it works.



The Diabetes Solution by Dr Richard Bernstein. The low carb way to manage your diabetes


Twitter @gillespi and @FructoseNo




The Fat Revolution- saturated fat is good for you Christine Cronau


I manage my type 1 diabetes using low carb high fat

A doctor who treats his own diabetes with lower carb Dr Troy Stapleton 


The Bitter Truth about Sugar Dr Lustig’s  You Tube clip is well worth a view. 


The many facets of ketoadaptation

Dr Jeff Volek 


The Cholesterol Conundrum videoclip and

Sugar as a root cause of the metabolic syndrome videoclip.... by engineer Ivor Cummins.


Reversing Type 2 Diabetes by Dr Sarah Hallberg

Websites It is more a way of life than a diet , is an 8 week programme to get you off the white stuff when you have decided it's the time. I think of it like stopping smoking. You decide to quit, you set a quit date, and you keep on trying to you do it, until you succeed.


Facebook Groups

ChristIne Cronau

Banting group

Butter makes your Pants Fall Off

I Quit Sugar

More books

Sweet Nothing by Nicole Mowbray who is a journalist. Nicole is a layperson who read all the books and just did it. Worked well but the immediate withdrawal from “ all things sugar” is well described.


Sweet Poison by David Gilllespie


Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz



Sarah Wilson I Quit Sugar books 



Low Carb Living for families by Monique Le Roux Forslund and Professor Tim Noakes Professor Tim Noakes is a Professor of Exercise and Sports science in South Africa. This book is full of lovely, filling comfort food for kids, mums and dads.

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