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Cholesterol references


I am going to give you 5 references. If you watch and read them all you will probably be better informed than your GP, and your hospital specialist.


The Cholesterol Conundrum by Ivor Cummins on YouTube


The Great Cholesterol Con book by Malcolm Kendrick and


Demonization and Deception In Cholesterol Research by David Diamond on YouTube


The CTT clinical trials website





Bear in mind that we do not know how much negative trial data remains unpublished so we do not have a final answer. You need to look at the sources above and decide for yourself what you choose to believe.


As a GP I often need to stop statins due to side effects and I no longer start people on them, unless they make an informed choice to do that, following advice of a secondary care consultant after a cardiovascular event. I, and many people are still waiting for all the trial data to be passed to Cochrane for analysis. The BMJ is currently campaigning for this and I support that campaign.

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